This is much overdue, but I must tell you about my experience hosting and attending one of Yehudit’s laughter group sessions. As did everyone else, it took me a while to move from artificial laughter to more spontaneous erupting giggles and guffaws, but it was worth it. With facial muscles aching from so much laughing already, I went to lay down on the mat she had brought to do an exercise on my back for more. If you can believe it, I actually adjusted my cranium and heard a “crack” as I was laughing. This was truly incredible as it had been pressing down on my temporal bone causing dizziness for some time and the laughing actually cured me that day!!! The most natural, healthy thing in the world is also truly the best medicine after all. Baruch Hashem for finding me such a sweet shaliach! 

The feedback from other enthusiastic attendees was unusually unanimous – they all felt strengthened, healthier and happier from the experience and Yehudit was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend bringing her talent and compassion to your gathering. 





March 27, 2008

Dear Yehudit, 

On behalf of the women in the Hadassah Nechama chapter who met with you on Monday evening in Ramot, I want to thank you for the lively, entertaining fun evening that you orchestrated for us.  Your generous demonstrations of laughter taught many of us new techniques at how to look at ourselves and the world and the Israeli reality, as well. I t was most appropriate coming right after Shushan Purim, the reason why we chose that date. 

Kol Hakavod to you for bringing this new approach into our lives and those of many others who are fortunate to be exposed to you. 

Best wishes for continued success and again many  thanks. 





Dear Yehudit,                                                                                                             5. 5.09


Thank you for giving me permission to laugh again--a true gift.  A heart that was stony to any emotions, can now laugh, and can now cry… It all lets loose!1

!Thank you for breathing the air back into my lungs.  I feel alive again.  I feel again

Your sessions have chipped away at the ice and shed the peel… a release of tension that has been locked away for too long.  Washing away the cynicism of the world…not caring what anyone thinks.  The laughter comes from a deeper place… not stemming from frivolity…It stems from self-confidence and trust in Hashem.  The freedom to laugh at yourself and at life’s unpredictability that is beyond our control is a true gift.  It makes you feel young and light in a heavy world


You can never know how much you and your sessions have changed my life and what ripple effect it can have

I hope to take the lessons of laughter with me everywhere and seize every opportunity to see the humor and joy from within 

May you continue to share yourself and spread the joy so we can all be happier and healthier people and make this world a better place to live in

 All my best